Some forecasts suggest that the number of tournaments and sweepstakes will exceed 7 billion euros (current BetsOn = roulette, blackjack and poker). Gambling in these “multibillion-dollar universes” amounts to 4.5 million per day, or 5.3% of the GDP of Italy and Austria. The growth rate strongly depends on the availability of online content sources, especially popular categories such as online sports betting, poker and horse racing.

Online gambling is growing slowly but steadily (see statistics), as new companies enter these areas. We can expect to lose up to 10% of them weekly by 2020. Since 2012, more than 150 companies have recently applied for gaming licenses for new operators in the UK market: many existing companies have simply listed a few games along with their software additions

Online gambling is shaping a huge gaming industry in the UK. The most popular online casinos and other forms of interactive games can be found on the Internet. Some online casino sites are even officially authorized by government agencies, such as the Gambling Commission and the Lottery Association in England and Wales.

Evolve Group-Online Betting
Evolve Group-Online Betting

In recent years, significantly larger businesses in the gaming sector (for example, Evolve Group-Online Betting (London Group) Ltd., named after one of the astute investment minds who advised Trump when he bought his company) have moved more. in order to accept customers’ games, than actually make this market profitable for them, in order to maintain a revenue stream due to low tax evasion. Countries like France have already legalized live blackjack as a game!

The gambling industry in the UK is growing. Gambling on the Internet is the oldest type of betting on goods. When the Internet first appeared, many people were very interested in playing poker, Scratch Off Cards and Book of Dead Heads in bars that their friends served under the table and then on the phone. However, these games have faded into the background due to changed social norms. According to Yahoo Answers, another major reason for this is indeed money-to-money betting, which is illegal in all but one country due to high rates and unstable environmental conditions such as weather.

Recently, even though it is not so popular now, it seems to be still active on the internet: several online casinos exist on 4 different continents, sometimes on several continents, even on mobile or web platforms with artificial intelligence, which was second only to humans after how people made available a quantum computer trying to cope with them.

With the advent of online gambling companies and the widespread use of digital assistants such as Google, voice recorders and vending machines, only a very small part of players support this type of digital recreation. Millions languish away from home, spending a lot of time away from home. This segment continues to incur losses to an alarming degree, as many unauthorized devices behave recklessly due to ignorance or ignorance.

This project aims to shed light on this topic by giving policy makers the opportunity to discuss how regulatory and supervisory authorities can improve the prevention of gambling so that a large number of people do not fall victim to such problems.