kris scheifele
Ball WallBall WallBall Wall (close-up)Ball Wall (close-up)Ball Wall (close-up)Cleave #1Obsessive ContortionObsessive Contortion (close-up)6" Carved Paint BallInstallation shot of paint chip cubesInstallation shot of paint chip cubes8" Paint Chips³7¾" Paint Chips³close-up of 7¾" Paint Chips³7" Paint Chips³6" Paint Chips³4" Paint Chips³3¾" Paint Chips³Installation shot of paint chip cubes
The technique of building up and cutting away all this layered paint not only embeds the work with a temporal record, it produces a great deal of debris. In the spirit of 'using every part of the animal,' the acrylic paint chips are collected in boxes where more time must elapse before they fuse into porous cubes. The result seems precarious, as though the simple geometry could easily return to a pile of constituent parts.

The paint balls, also made entirely of layer upon layer of acrylic paint, cite the obsessive compulsive tactic deployed in art making, accumulation, locker room humor, and male domination in the arts.